Electrical shocks generally occur when someone gets into contact with some sort of electrical energy source. It is a well-known fact that electricity can be extremely dangerous and that it should be treated with caution at all times.

However, on many occasions, whether it be at work or home, you might be exposed to an unsafe source of power supply or perhaps not know about the preventative measures that need to be taken to prevent an electrical shock accident. Most people don’t even know how to treat an electrical shock or what to do when it occurs. It is very important to be informed about these things. It could potentially aid in saving either your or another person’s life.

The dangers of electrical energy could always have one of two outcomes. You could either be completely fine after a few volts of being shocked or might obtain damage in your body. Incredibly high currents of voltage might even cause death. That is why it’s important to know exactly how to treat these incidents immediately.

The Causes of an Electric Shock

One of the most common injuries that are caused by an electric shock is burns. Adults might be exposed to electricity due to his/her line of work or the exploration of new things. More than a thousand people die as a result of electrocution in the U.S. annually and most of these occur on duty.

This only includes a few cases though. There are still many more affected by being exposed to electrical energy every day. There are many factors involved regarding the variables of the number of different types of currents and their effect on the human body. The pathway of which electricity chooses to move towards is another factor that effects possible injuries that can occur.

Low voltages of energy cause minimal to no damage to the body, but exposure to high voltages of electricity could result in a lot of damage.

Exposure to High Level of Voltage Shock

The first thing you need to do is be careful that you don’t get shocked yourself. If the shock is due to a high voltage line, a possible current could be spreading a circle of electricity on the ground. The best thing to do in such a situation is to call an emergency helpline such as 911. Although they might not be able to help you directly, they will notify the electric company to shut off the power.

If the victim has fallen from a height, he/she might be experiencing severe shock, which could make them prone to a neck injury. The victim should not be moved unless his/her neck is secured.

In children that are age 12-years old or younger, 63% of injuries are generally caused by extension chords or appliance chords that aren’t working properly. Wall outlets also conclude to 15% of injuries. These appliances and chords must be secured at all times and appliances must be replaced on a regular basis if expired passed working efficiently.